Why you need professional cedar shingle roofers for your roof installation.

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Professional cedar shingle roofers have the knowledge and experience to properly install cedar shingles on your home. Cedar is a special kind of roofing material that requires special attention during installation for peak performance and maximum durability.

Cedar shingles are a natural material, which significantly affects the best practices for proper installation. Air flow is crucial to the performance and durability of the cedar shingles, which prolongs the life of the roof. Good ventilation helps cedar shingles dry out and also improves the insulation properties of the roof.
Experienced cedar shingle roofers understand how everything from the spacing of the shingles to the type of nails used for the installation play an important role in maximizing the benefits of your cedar roof. Speak to a certified roofing company with experience in installing cedar shingles today.
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The Value of Cedar Shingle Roofers

Installing a cedar shingle roof on the home is an investment in the long lasting natural beauty. Every kind of roofing material has best practices to maximize the durability of the roof. Cedar shingles have special requirements that allow the material to age gracefully and minimize the chances of problems occurring with the roof.
Choosing reputable and experienced cedar shingle roofers for the installation of a cedar roof allows homeowners to enjoy peace of mind that the roof will be installed properly and that their investment will be protected.

Understanding Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles have very unique characteristics that must be taken into account for a successful installation. Wood will expand and contract with changes in temperature. Canadian temperatures in particular are susceptible to extreme variations of hot and cold. Proper spacing of the shingles is vital to accommodate these changes to the shingles or damage may occur. Cedar shingles need to be able to breathe; spacing of the shingles is important to ensure optimum ventilation to allow the shingles to dry out when exposed to moisture. Cedar shingles should be installed in a manner that promotes air circulation underneath the shingles. Ensuring adequate air circulation under the shingles has the added benefit of improving the durability and heat retention of the roof.
A cedar shingle roof will provide a durable and attractive roofing solution. Ensure your cedar roof is installed professionally and protect your investment with the best cedar shingle roofers today.


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